Gypsy Speaks

Dearest Clients of Casitas Laquitas,

We are very sorry for the abrupt way in which we took possession of your Lesbian Oasis. We wish to honor the relationship you have had with this magical place, and have agreed to allow Denise and Joanna to finally retire in mostly peace. For us, we wish these walls to contain many of the same values that drew you here in the first place; as nasty women we support all our sisters, and see this as an opportunity to serve. We hope you will give us the opportunity to take care of you, as future guests of the Gypsy Rose hotel.

Over the next few months, we will be adding details that women value. This means updating WiFi systems, increased security, and added amenities in room and in the courtyard. Please sign up for our newsletter, and be forewarned that you may like the Gypsies more than you know. We will be offering special pricing while we transition, in exchange for tumeric, salt, and your opinions on hotel experience.

Denise and Joanna are alive and well (nothing was injured in the take-over). Although they will remain on the property as our beloved neighbors, I will be your host from now on. Our numbers will stay the same, and this website will route to in the coming weeks.

Gypsy Love,
Gabbi Rose
PS. Due to the high volume of e mails and phone calls we are receiving right now, our preferred method of communication is Owl or Carrier Pigeon. Therefore expect delayed responses.